What is Three Dreaming Rabbits?

Three Dreaming Rabbits, or as we call it 3DR, is an entrepreneurial venture started by the duo Whitney and Paul.  Three Dreaming Rabbits was dreamed up on a car ride from Aguascalientes to Mexico City at the end of November 2010. Visiting a store devoted to all things Oaxaca in the northern Mexican city of Aguascalientes, Whitney became absolutely smitten with the strange, enchanting, and smile-inducing painted wooden creatures made in Oaxaca. Paul loved their expressions and was drawn to their uniqueness. During the car ride home they proposed doing research (like actually finding out what the creatures are called in spanish!) and possibly starting a gallery to showcase and sell the little animals.

Three months later, we plan to launch Three Dreaming Rabbits in the beginning of April 2011. Three Dreaming Rabbits will be an online gallery of alebrijes  (the name for the wooden creatures) and will also offer unique bespoke services that are not offered by any other alebrije vendor. (To find out more about our bespoke services, keep reading our blog!)

Additionally, after visiting the towns where alebrijes are made – Arrazola, San Martin Tilcajete, and La Union Tejalapan – we have decided to start a small NGO that is specifically targeted to helping the artisans. We will go from town to town and family to family asking what they dream of and hopefully we will be able to help fulfill some of their dreams. In the NGO section of our website (which is currently being built) you will be able to read about – and eventually watch videos about – what the artisans dream of. A percentage of each alebrije purchased from us will be donated to the NGO and we will also enable direct donations on our website.

I hope this little introduction has enticed you to keep checking the blog and reading more about alebrijes, Oaxaca, and what is to come from Three Dreaming Rabbits!



Three Dreaming Rabbits is a Mexico City based project devoted to alebrijes, hand carved and hand painted wooden animals created by artisans in small towns outside the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. Three Dreaming Rabbits features an online gallery and unique bespoke services so everyone can search for and obtain their perfect alebrije.
Three Dreaming Rabbits… what do you dream of?


One thought on “What is Three Dreaming Rabbits?

  1. Hi Whitney – thank you for the comment on Oaxaca, otomi fabric and alebrijes! I’ve just been reading your blog with great interest, what a fantastic idea! I also love your plans to start helping the families who make the alebrijes, very admirable – I’ve spent some time in the villages outside Oaxaca, looking at the artisanal rug making in particular, and can see how much your new venture would be appreciated there. I look forward to following your progress! Elly

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