Alebrijes and The National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago

The National Museum of Mexican Art (NMMA) in Chicago has one of the largest collections of Mexican art in the United States, numbering over 6,000 pieces. According to their website, “It has become the premier repository for Mexican art in the nation.”

The NMMA is home to a large collection of “Arte Popular” or Folk Art, with over 1,200 pieces. Their collection of alebrijes includes a variety of artists including Jacobo and Maria Angeles, Arsenio Morales, Jesus Sosa Calvo, Victor Xuana, Luis Pablo, and Angelico Jimenez. (Exciting news for those of you who own pieces by any of these artists! Here at Three Dreaming Rabbits we will carry a variety of these artisans so stay tuned for our first inventory that will be online in about a month!) Additionally, in the past the museum has hosted one hour educational workshops to teach attendees how to make alebrijes and to enable them to create their dream animal! If you live in or are visiting Chicago and have an interest in alebrijes, I recommend taking a trip to this museum. The listed alebrije artisans on their website are the best in the business and it would be amazing to see them first hand on display!

Jacobo and Maria Angeles Coyote in the NMMA

Coyote by Jacobo and Maria Angles in the NMMA

The photo above is a coyote carving by Jacobo and Maria Angeles on display in the NMMA. Credit for the photo goes to Flickr user pejnolan! ( Thank you pejnolan!

Incidentally, NMMA also has work by the Linares family, including Pedro Linares who invented paper mache alebrijes (see one of my previous postings on the origins of alebrijes for more information!).

The National Museum of Mexican Art
1852 West 19th Street
Chicago, Illinois   60608
10am – 5pm Tuesday-Sunday




Three Dreaming Rabbits is a Mexico City based project devoted to alebrijes, hand carved and hand painted wooden animals created by artisans in small towns outside the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. Three Dreaming Rabbits features an online gallery and unique bespoke services so everyone can search for and obtain their perfect alebrije.
Three Dreaming Rabbits… what do you dream of?


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