Alebrije Book Reviews: Introduction

On this blog I also want to review and pay tribute to the books and pamphlets that have taught me so much about alebrijes and Oaxacan folk art in general – plus mention any newly published work that I want to get my hands on!

And while I am writing about books in general, I need to mention a wonderful bookstore in the city of Oaxaca called Amate Books. They have a variety of very useful books and pamphlets about alebrijes and the woodcarving villages, plus tons of books on Oaxacan and Mexican culture that are absolutely fascinating. Anyone who goes in there will be tempted to buy at least one new coffee table book! And in case any non-Spanish speakers out there are hesitant to go – the majority of their book selection is in English. They also have a few alebrije pieces by the carvers of La Union on display – when we were there they had an elaborate church and market scene by Maximino Santiago. A visit to the bookshop is highly recommended for any travelers to Oaxaca.

Amate Books
Macedonio Alcalá 307 #2
Col. Centro. C.P. 68000
Oaxaca, México

And so on book number one:
Oaxacan Woodcarving: The Magic in the Trees by Shepard Barbash and Vicki Ragan.



Three Dreaming Rabbits is a Mexico City based project devoted to alebrijes, hand carved and hand painted wooden animals created by artisans in small towns outside the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. Three Dreaming Rabbits features an online gallery and unique bespoke services so everyone can search for and obtain their perfect alebrije.
Three Dreaming Rabbits… what do you dream of?


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