Our Alebrijes at Home

I thought I would share some photos of our alebrije collection to start my posts for the day! Our collection at home currently stands at 2 and is growing! We have a small toucan and a medium-sized porcupine.

The toucan is carved by Martin Santiago from the town of La Union Tejalapan and is typical of what the carvings look like from that town. He is small, measuring approximately 3in long, 1in wide, and 2.75in high. As I have mentioned before, carvings from La Union are much more traditional than the carvings from the other two towns – most look like children’s toys. He is painted using aniline dyes and made from a Jacaranda branch so he is 100% natural.


Our Toucan from La Union by Martin Santiago

Our porcupine is from San Martin Tilcajete. He is fairly big, measuring approx 8.5in long, 7in wide, and 6in high. We bought him from the store at the workshop of Jacobo and Maria Angeles, but he is carved by Jesus Hernandez. He is so bright and fun, he is placed on a table at the bottom of our staircase so every morning when I get up to make breakfast he is there to greet me and forces a groggy smile on my face!

porcupine alebrije

Our Porcupine Alebrije by Jesus Hernandez

Porcupine Alebrije

Our Porcupine Alebrije by Jesus Hernandez






I hope some of you will share photos of your alebrije collection and post links to the photos in the comments!



Three Dreaming Rabbits is a Mexico City based project devoted to alebrijes, hand carved and hand painted wooden animals created by artisans in small towns outside the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. Three Dreaming Rabbits features an online gallery and unique bespoke services so everyone can search for and obtain their perfect alebrije.
Three Dreaming Rabbits… what do you dream of?


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