2012 – Changes On The Horizon!

Hello to our readers in 2012! Our new website will be up and running soon, just a few legal things to finish up and the new site will be launched! And this blog will be re-located to its proper place within the website rather than as the homepage. The website went through a total redesign in January and February, and it is looking great. We are very excited for The Burrow to make its debut very soon! And then the blog can also have a little face lift too.

As things get re-set here at Three Dreaming Rabbits, we will be bringing you news from Mexico and Oaxaca while providing you with status updates on how things are progressing! We will also be announcing some recurring weekly features, filling you in on the latest in Oaxacan tourism and gastronomy that will hopefully keep you coming back for more! And we will prioritize providing you with a plethora of photographs (and videos coming soon!) in our posts. We will also be introducing some new team members and giving them the opportunity to write some posts, we are very excited to have them join our little company!

We will also be launching our official logo in the next 2 weeks, which has been made for us by the wonderful Mexican artist Jorge Tellaeche. He is a good friend of Three Dreaming Rabbits and has been incredibly supportive of this company since its inception. We are tweaking a few things here and there, but it is almost ready! In the meantime, we encourage you to check out his work at: http://www.tellaeche.com.

Big things are underway at Three Dreaming Rabbits, so stay tuned for the changes that are hoppin´ your way soon!


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